Conditions Of Employment

Should you choose to employ the services of Magic Moments Consultancy, please find our terms and conditions below, and note, by booking sessions, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed, booking confirmation and payment for external venues are the responsibility of the client.

Number of Delegates
Unless an initial consultation has been booked where details of further sessions are discussed, the number of delegates for a delivery session should be confirmed at the initial time of booking.

The client is responsible for providing any necessary equipment, unless otherwise agreed.

The copyright of all course materials remain the property of Magic Moments. A fee is chargeable should the client wish to purchase documentation for their personal use.

The confidentiality of the client’s business will be respected at all times. Magic Moments asks for your discretion in return for anything discussed with regards to their businesses.

An invoice will be sent with a payment term date of 28 days from invoice. Details of how to make a payment will be attached.

A booking can be postponed and arranged for a later date with no additional fee incurred. If you cancel booking once it has been confirmed, cancellation charges will be levied as follows:

Above 21 days before the date of booking 50%

21 -8 days before the date of the booking 75%

1-7 days before the date of the booking 100%

Liabilityif offering advice on how to improve practice / carrying out observations of nursery staff / mock Ofsted inspections:
Please be aware that Magic Moments Consultancy will offer our considered opinion on what we have observed during the day based on our many years of experience in the sector. Under no circumstances can we guarantee that the advice we offer or mock “grade” that we award your setting will reflect the grade that Ofsted will award your setting during their next official inspection. There may be circumstances and issues that occur on the day that result in differing opinions and grades.  However, we strive to conduct a mock inspection as close to the real inspections as possible and offer further advice and packages to improve outcomes with the intention to improve on your current grade.

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